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Bienvenidos al Portal de la Sra. Linares

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Welcome to my website
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Tamara Linares > Bienvenidos al Portal de la Sra. Linares

Bienvenidos al Portal de la Sra. Linares

Bienvenidos al Portal de la Sra. Linares

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 National Spanish Exam info.

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 Welcome to the Portal of Sra. Linares

¡¡Bienvenidos a mis estudiantes!! ¡¡Vamos a celebrar un año nuevo y emocionante de español!!
I am personally available for tutoring on Monday from 3:20-3:40. If you need to make an appointment please do so ahead of time.
The National Spanish Honor Society is available on Thursdays at 3:20-3:40 in Profe Frantz's room #6204. You must sign up and speak with your teacher prior so that you come to tutoring prepared.
Report cards are not given out unless your student is making a 74 or less.
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