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Mrs. Stephanie Ray

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Welcome to Mrs. Stephanie Ray Math
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Mrs. Stephanie Ray

Mrs. Stephanie Ray

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 Welcome to Mrs. Ray's Class

I Believe all Students can Succeed in Mathematics with:                                                                   

1. The proper instruction from the teacher              

2. Support and encouragement from family, teacher, and peers.                                                           

3. Communication among the teacher, family, and student - My typical forms of communication will be through the class syllabus, remind 101, e-mail, or a telephone call. Please feel free to e-mail me or call me if you ever have any questions or concerns.      

4. Proper attitude and dedication from the student.

Tutoring Schedule:

Monday - Friday morning 7:20 - 8:20. 

Mrs. Ray's Contact Information:


WHS phone #:  770-721-3000            


Cell phone #:  678-208-9678

Remind:  Text the following message to 81010 or (916) 476-8764

First Period: @algsupp                                  

Second Period: @rayalg2nd                               

Fourth Period: @rayalg4th                                     

Fifth Period: @rayalg5th                                     

Seventh Period: @rayalg7th

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 Course Syllabus / Remind

GSE Algebra I Syllabus 15-16.docxGSE Algebra I Syllabus 15-16
GSE Algebra I Syllabus 7th Period 15-16.docxGSE Algebra I Syllabus 7th Period 15-16
Remind Homeroom.pdfRemind Homeroom
Remind 2nd Period.PDFRemind 2nd Period
Remind 4th Period.PDFRemind 4th Period
Remind 5th Period.PDFRemind 5th Period
Remind 7th Period.PDFRemind 7th Period
Remind 1st Period.PDFRemind 1st Period

 Tutoring Schedule

< June, 2016 >
 Sun  Mon  Tue  Wed  Thu  Fri  Sat 

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 Parent Links

  Cherokee County School District Website
  Woodstock High School Website
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  Georgia Department of Education Algebra 1 Georgia Standards of Excellence