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Welcome to Mrs. Stapleton's First Grade!

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Welcome to Mrs. Stapleton's First Grade!
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Sherri Stapleton > Welcome to Mrs. Stapleton's First Grade!

Welcome to Mrs. Stapleton's First Grade!

Welcome to Mrs. Stapleton's First Grade!

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 Welcome To Our Class

Rula A. Sara Beth B. Brielle B. Harper C. Marlow C. Emma C. Lyncoln C. Thius E. Aiden F. Jack G. Zander J. Maddie L. Phoenix M. Daniel P. Connor R. Conner R. Dahlen R. Isabella S. Jackson S. Campbell S. Rebecca T. Natalie V. Semilore
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 Important Documents

Sight-Word-Ideas-Little-Literacy-Learners.pdfSight-Word-Ideas-Little-Literacy-LearnersSherri Stapleton
Learning-Sight-Words Ideas.pdfLearning-Sight-Words IdeasSherri Stapleton
Cat in the Hat letter.docxCat in the Hat letterSherri Stapleton
Curriculum Night Powerpoint 2014-2015.pptCurriculum Night Powerpoint 2014-2015Sherri Stapleton
Dolch Sight Word List.mhtDolch Sight Word ListSherri Stapleton

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