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 Our Schedule

This is a tentative schedule. Times are subject to change as needs change and arise in my room. Please be flexible with us as we adjust to meet our needs!

7:45- 8:00 morning work. Students should be in my room by 7:45.

8:00-9:25 language arts/ reading

9:25-10:05 specials

Mon-Art  Tues- Music  Wed-PE  Thurs/Fri- split PE/Music

10:05-10:15 snack- please send a  healthy daily snack for your child

10:15-10:45 language arts/spelling

10:45-11:40  math

11:40-12:10 lunch

12:10-12:30 Math

12:30-1:15 Science/Social Studies/Health

1:15-1:40 recess

1:40- 2:00 DEAR time/phonics time- please send a book from home each day to read or a library book 

2:00 announcements

2:12 1st load dismissal

2:20 car rider/ASP dismissal

2:25 2nd load dismissal