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Welcome to Ms. Bowling's Class!

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Welcome to Ms. Bowling's Class!
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Use the Links list for links to Web pages that your team members will find interesting or useful.
Daily Grammar/notes, definitions
Language Arts Games/ Level 1/Review
Interactive L.A. website/games (All subjects)
Mixed grammar/interactive
Sentence types
Mixed grammar review
Sentence Structure
Rags to Riches -Sentence Structure
Sentence fragments and Run-ons
Sentence fragments, sentence structure
Run-on sentences #1
Fragments #1
Grammar Review Game
Fragment and Run-on #1
Fragment and Run-on #2
Grammar Review #1 (game)
Grammar Review #2 (game)
Graqmmar Review #3 (game)
Combining Sentences #1
Rags to Riches Run-ons, Fragments, Comma Splice A
Logic Puzzles
Grammar Ninja
Grammar Detective
USA Testprep
Adverb Clauses
Adverb Clauses
Pronoun/Antecedent Agreement Exercise 1
Pronoun/Antecedent Agreement Exercise 2
Pronoun/Antecedent Practice Quiz
Pronoun Antecedent Notes/Pre-Quiz
Big Dog's Grammar Self-Test (Pronoun/Antecedent Agreement)
Subject/verb agreement quiz (retake)
Misplaced Modifiers-Quiz
Quizshow-Misplaced Modifiers
Comparative & Superlative Adj. & Adv. Rules & Exercises
Comparative and Superlative Quiz-30 Questions
Comparative & Superlative Power Point Notes
Positive,Comparative, Superlative Notes
Verb Tenses-Exercises & notes
Perfect tenses
Graphic organizers
Singular & Plural Nouns
Language Arts Site
Types of Nouns- Notes, activities and more
Pronouns-Types of Pronouns
Pronouns & Types of pronouns
Pronoun Quiz
Pronoun pratice quizzes
BBC Skillswise - Pronouns
Notes, Quizzes, Games (Different levels)
Notes-Cause & Effect
Powerpoint notes
Grammar Bytes
Handouts and Interactive Exercises
Parts of Speech Jeopardy
Grammar site- different parts of speech are also covered
Sentence structure
Adjective and Adverb Quizzes
Adjective and Adverb Quizzes-Clauses
Clause Quiz
Take a clause quiz
Noun Games
Noun games and grammar reviews
Quiz on sentence types
Grammar site- Pronoun Jeopardy, quizzes, practice, etc.
Interactive Pronoun Quiz
Interactive Pronoun Quizzes
Grammar Games
Essay Scorer student login
Grammar Bytes
Parts Of Speech PowerPoint