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Mrs. O'Bryant's Kindergarten Class

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Mrs. O'Bryant's Kindergarten Class
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Mrs. O'Bryant's Kindergarten Class

Mrs. O'Bryant's Kindergarten Class

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 About Me

Welcome to my website! I am so excited to be teaching kindergarten. I began my teaching career here at R.M. M. in 1999. Since that time, I have taught third grade and kindergarten. This change in grade levels has given me a wonderful perspective into where the children are headed! Being a part of the beginning of the children's journey toward literacy has been incredibly rewarding.
On a professional note, I have tried to stay up to date with all of the latest techniques and research surrounding the best ways to teach children. I completed my master's and specialists' degrees as well as several endorsements including Teacher Support Specialist, Gifted Endorsement, and TEACH 21. I also became a National Board Certified Teacher in 2003. I completed the coursework for my Leadership Certificate at UGA. Go Dawgs!
Outside of school, I love to spend time with my kids. I am also, admittedly, a computer geek! I love digital photography, designing web sites, etc.
Teaching Kindergarten is amazing! No matter how many times it happens, seeing a child read for the first time is a moment I never forget! In fact, it often brings tears! Another wonderful part of teaching kindergarten is having past students continue to come by my room for years and tell me of their successes!
On a personal note, I have three wonderful children. My twins, Jake and Josh, were born in 1997. They are so amazing! The most important thing to them is football. They hope to someday attend college (to play football!) I guess I won't complain about their motives as long as they go! My daughter, Emma, joined our family in 2004. She completed our family in the most perfect way! We were once afraid she might be overshadowed by the twins. What a joke! We often have to tell her to back off of them.
My husband since 1994, Scott, is also a teacher. He currently teaches at Cherokee High School! Scott has worked very hard to instill the love of football in my boys. I never thought I would know so much about college football..but, I live it... I can't get away from it. As you can see, it's all about the kids at home and at work!
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