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Mrs. Lawson's AIM Page
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Mrs. Lawson's AIM Page

Mrs. Lawson's AIM Page

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 Student Links

  Ask For Kids
  Rhyme Zone
  Pattern Blocks
  Primary Games
  Cool Math 4 Kids
  Webster Dictionary
  Word Central
  Grolier Encyclopedia
  Brain Pops
  Bridge Resources
  New Learner's Dictionary
  Allan Cooper's Homonyms
  Christmas traditions
  Christmas Trivia Fun

 Simple Machine Links

  Edheads Activate Your Mind!
  Simple Machines Resource Page
  Simple Machines: Science Learning
  Inventor's Workshop
  Goldburger To Go!
  COSI simple machines
  Simple Machines Wequest
  Simple Machines: how they work

 Endangered Animals Links

  Zoobooks Endangered Animals
  BBC Endangered Animals
  Galapagos Turtles
  Enchanted Learning: Endangered Animals
  Endangered Species
  Kids Corner Endangered Species
  Kids Corner Endangered Species Wildlife Fed.
  Animals of the Tundra
  What's an omnivore?
  Ecosystems of the World
  Biomes of the World
  The World's Biomes (PowerPoint site)
  Enchanted Learning: Biomes
  Artic Tern migration map
  Artic Tern Facts
  Help with Rain Forest Information
(More Links...)

 Geography Links

  State Information for Kids
  Other State Websites for Kids
  State Symbols
  Geography: States
  Sheppard's Link
  State Travel information


  Kids Territory (San Diego)
  San Diego Zoo Website
  Switcheroo Zoo
  Visit a Zoo (a list of zoo sites)
  Zoo Atlanta
  Los Angeles Zoo
  Oakland California Zoo
  Jacksonville Zoo
  National Zoo Washington D.C.
  Alaska Zoo
  Arizona Zool
  Animals A to Z
  National Geo for Kids
  Sheppard's Animal activities
  Enchanted Learning Animals
  Philadelphia Zoo
  Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago
  Jackson Zoo Mississippi
  Honolulu Zoo Hawaii
  enchanted learning ANIMALS
(More Links...)


  NMAH/ The Star-Spangled Banner
  Rosetta Stone
  Egyptian games and stories
  History of the Star Spangled Banner
  How do desert animals get water?
  Red, White, and Blue
  US history
  Symbols of the US
  Barter Island


  FBI Kids
  Mystery websites
  The Mystery Hunt
  Digging Around
  Donald Sobol
  Trivia Game Encyclopedia Brown
  Donald Sobol 2
  Biography of Donald Sobol
  Children's lit: Donald Sobol
  Fiber Forensic History
  Sense of Smell
  Codes and Ciphers
  What is Forensic Science?

 Dinosaur Links

  Here Come the Dinosaurs!
  Enchanted Learning: Dinosaurs
  Dino Quiz: Enchanted Learning
  Dinosaur Floor
  Dinosaur Tracks
  Getting Into the Fossil Record
  Dinosaur Myths
  Dino Digs

 Insect Links

  Classifying Insects
  eNature: Insects
  Mystery Bug
  All About Butterflies: Enchanted Learning
  Enchanted Learning: Insects
  Wonderful World of Insects
  The Most Successful Life form on Earth: Insects

 Gold Rush Links

  The Gold Rush
  Women in the Gold Rush
  Chinese and African Americans in the Gold Rush
  Latinos and the Gold Rush
  California Indians and the Gold Rush

 Parent Links

  American Assoc. for Gifted Children at Duke University
  Reading list for gifted and talented kids
  Hoagies for gifted kids and parents
  Saturday School for Gifted Students at Georgia State University