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Welcome to the Woodstock High School Band Program

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Welcome to the Band Room
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Bob Loehr > Welcome to the Woodstock High School Band Program

Welcome to the Woodstock High School Band Program

Welcome to the Woodstock High School Band Program

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Currently our instrumental music program has more than 200 students involved. Our department is comprised of the Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Wind Symphony, Chamber Strings, Philharmonia, Marching Wolverines, Indoor Drumline, and Indoor Colorguard. In addition, courses in Guitar Technique for the Beginning Player, Music Theory, and Music Appreciation are also provided.
The department stays active throughout the year, pursuing musical excellence and serving as musical ambassadors for the school. This respectable Cherokee County program is made possible through the dedication of our students and the support from the school administration and parents. It has always been our philosophy that this program teaches students much more than music. It instills qualities such as discipline, integrity, respect and perseverance. These qualities will last beyond the student's four years at Woodstock High School.
Mark this site as a favorite and visit it often. As always, feel free to email or call (770-592-3500 ext.225) if you have any questions.
Bob Loehr
Band Director
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 Bob Loehr- Band Director


Handbook Band Calendar 2010-2011.docHandbook Band Calendar 2010-2011Bob Loehr
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